London Pride 2016

This year I visited London Pride for the first time. I am not a huge fan of events like this - there are just too many people. We arrived around 14:00 and the parade had just finished. We started our walk from Poland Street where the famous Gay Bear Bar is located - Kings Arms. Straight away we could see a huge amount of people outside the place and a friendly Bear who was giving away some free Pride gifts { see photo below }.

Friendly Bear - London Pride

After about half an hour and one drink at the pub - we decided to visit the famous Old Compton Street - which was the heart of the pride event. This place was packed - I have never seen such an amount of people in such a small place - it was hard to move from one end of the street to the next.

It was worth the hassle!

I managed to take a shot of this awesome looking Angel and the fact that he was holding a cigarette - created an awesome contrast - proper Fallen Angel.

Fallen Angel - London Pride 2016

I was very positively surprised with the event - so many friendly people, a great place and for a great cause.

I will definitely come back.

Rainbow and Bike - London Pride 2016

Drag Queens - London Pride 2016

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