The Cosy Club - Leicester

Yesterday one of my American friends, a great SmugMug Support Hero, Bobby, came to visit me in South Wigston because my little town is nice... it is not as interesting as Leicester. So I decided to take Bobby into Leicester for lunch.

Bobby is a big fan of English Breakfasts so I took him to one of my favourite places in Leicester - The Cosy Club. The Cosy Club is located right in the centre of Leicester.

Bobby in The Cosy Club

The Cosy Club offers a great breakfast. I personally fell in love with this place because of the decor. The whole place is really big and it has that old, factory conversion feel. All the chairs and tables are different, incredible lighting, stunning chandeliers and very interesting posters and paintings.

If you are not into breakfast - try their coffee with sticky toffee pudding - finger licking good!

This place has some incredible lighting - so if you are a photographer this is the place to visit - they are also okay if you are just taking photos with your camera of the people that you came with.

Bobby Drinking Bobby Wood

Tomasz Nowicki

Photographer, Web Designer, Cat Lover

Leicester, United Kingdom

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