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Colours of the US deserts

I was going through some images from my last visit to the United States and I came across a few shots that I had taken at the Grand Canyon and Death Valley. Here are a few shots that are my favourites from that trip:

The Beginning - Grand Canyon

Above image has been taken early morning at the edge of the Grand Canyon. It was worth waking up early - not alone, but the view was spectacular.


Few hours later the sky changed - more clouds covered the sky creating an even more dramatic scene.

Grand Canyon - USA
Grand Canyon - USA

After this beautiful morning that we had had, we then moved to our second destination - Death Valley. Here are a few shots from this crazy-hot location.

On the way to our destination we came across a cool looking wind power plant - I had to stop and take a shot. Compared to the UK - it is a very different landscape.

Dead Tree - Death Valley
Salt Lake right at the heart of the Death Valley desert.

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Tomasz Nowicki

Tomasz Nowicki

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