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Exhibition time

The Leicester People's Photographic Gallery is hosting a new exhibition called HOLIDAY PHOTO EXHIBITION. You can submit your own work and have it displayed at the gallery:

Leicester People’s Photographic Gallery
c/o Leicester Adult Education College
50-54 Belvoir Street
Leicester LE1 6QL

You can find more details about the exhibition on their website

I have submitted two images for this exhibition:
The first image was taken at the Vatican - The Vatican Museum to be precise. The title of the image is Spiral Staircase.

The second image was taken in Prague. The title of the image is Lightbulb Staircase.

So, if you are a photographer in Leicestershire area - don't wait and submit your work.

If you are interested in viewing my work - just visit the gallery or my online portfolio.

Tomasz Nowicki

Tomasz Nowicki

My name is Tomasz Nowicki. I am a Polish photographer living in the UK, East Midlands. When I don't take photos I design websites .... and annoy my cat Pixie :}

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