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Session with Louise

Recently I had the great pleasure to visit a great photographer from New Forest, Lymington - Louise Flanagan from BREEZE PHOTOGRAPHY.

Portrait of Louise Flanagan

The plan of the visit was to teach Louise, who is already a great portrait photographer, some studio photography - how to use studio lighting, how to combine lights and how to work with a model. We also had a short Adobe Lightroom session and we worked on her SmugMug site - you have to check it out - BREEZE PHOTOGRAPHY

We had some great fun during those few days. New Forest is a beautiful place and full of photo opportunities. Stunning landscape, horses running freely everywhere and the charming harbour.

New Forest - Pudding

Did I mention the restaurants? The fresh seafood from the harbour restaurants is incredible - just look at these mussels:

New Forest - Restaurants

Tomasz Nowicki

Tomasz Nowicki

My name is Tomasz Nowicki. I am a Polish photographer living in the UK, East Midlands. When I don't take photos I design websites .... and annoy my cat Pixie :}

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