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Spring Arrived at Knighton Park, Leicester

This is one of my favourite times of the year - beginning of Spring. This year Spring came a little later than usual to us folks in the UK - at least here in the East Midlands. Today was the first proper warm day 20C - perfect for a walk to my favourite park - Knighton Park in Leicester.

Colours in Knighton Park - Leicester

Every corner of the park was bursting with life - colours, insects, people and hundreds of photo opportunities.

Spring has arrived

White Flowers - Knighton Park, Leicester

Pink Flower - Knighton Park, Leicester

This last photo was taken in a usually flooded part of the park. Because of the warmth, the water started to evaporate - creating cracks that can be usually seen in a desert. The whole area was completely covered in dark, cracked mud except this one daisy that was enjoying sun rays that were shooting through the bystanding tree branches.

Lonely daisy - Knighton Park, Leicester

Tomasz Nowicki

Tomasz Nowicki

My name is Tomasz Nowicki. I am a Polish photographer living in the UK, East Midlands. When I don't take photos I design websites .... and annoy my cat Pixie :}

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