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Venice in Black and White

First article of my new blog. I have been a huge fan of WordPress, but it has never satisfied me in terms of speed and I did not like the fact that there were so many ways of having it hacked. I moved to a new platform and decided to make my first post about my recent visit to Venice.

A few months ago I visited Venice once again. I like going back there, because this is one of my favourite cities in Europe.

Reflections - Venice
It was quite funny to see this men hiding on a construction site and checking his phone. There was no one there on that day - just a large, empty wall with this gentlemen behind those glass doors.

White T-Shirts - Venice

Walking through the narrow corridors of the city can reveal some interesting gems. It is worth it just to start walking around the city and to get lost! I can guarantee that you will find some magical squares and very nice people, who are very helpful in directing you to the right place even if they do not speak English.

Surrounded by Walls - Venice

Some of these images were taken with my Canon 5dsr and some of them have been taken with my iPhone 7Plus. I was positively surprised how great the iPhone's camera is.

Venetian Hairdresser - Outdoor?
I called the above image The Outdoor Hairdresser - this place was located right outside our hotel - it was a hairdresser salon, with a seat and a hairdryer standing outside.

Venetian Fish Market
Venetian Fish market after passing the famous Rialto Bridge - we came across a large fish market - it was around 14:00 and they were cleaning the area and packing. This fisherman was sweeping the floor of the leftover fish - so the birds would not accumulate.


Three Lanterns - Venice

Venetian Lantern

Venetian Traffic

Riding the Venetian Gondola

The Grand Canal - Venice

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Tomasz Nowicki

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